To make a positive contribution towards the development of Iran’s infrastructure by being committed to providing high quality cement and services to its clients. As Iran’s top cement holding, this company intends to sustain its market share and its position within domestic markets, whilst continuing to be present and enhancing its good reputation within the regional countries. This company is committed to earning the satisfaction of its beneficiaries, including its shareholders, employees and customers by meeting their expectations (especially by maximizing the shareholders’ sustainable profitability).
Ghadir Capital & Industry Development Company as the paramount specialized holding company intends to sustain its market share, and uphold management standards within its subsidiaries as well as its current high rates of return within the cement industry.
Ghadir Capital & Industry Development Company was established as Ghadir’s cement holding company which is specialized in the cement industry. This company which controls four large companies, commenced its operations as of 2005 aims to launch and manage cement related projects and manufacturing plants. The capital of this company currently stands at approximately US$ 111 million. It is noteworthy that Ghadir Capital & Industries Development Company which is 100% owned by Ghadir Investment Company has 10% of Iran’s market share.