Managing Director’s Message

We are determined to make this management term of Ghadir Investment Company lead to maintenance and development of productive and sustainable investments with the aim of maximizing the interests of stakeholders and shareholders by observing the professional principles of corporate governance and business management while benefitting from the capabilities of the young expert, talented and revolutionary manpower and explaining the responsibilities; clarifying the processes; applying financial wisdom and making decisions based upon scenarios and knowledge, analysis of financial procedures and futures studies, implementing systematic and procedural supervision and monitoring and determining the assessment criteria and key performance indicators; generating horizontal and vertical added value and improving intra-network and inter-network collaborations of holding companies and affiliated companies in development of the asset and product portfolio.  

Praying for the Best

Seyed Amir Abbas Hosseini

Ghadir: Our Most Valuable Brand

Ghadir Holding Company

Over 140 Subsidiary Companies

Over 16810 Personnel in Subsidiary Companies

Simultaneous Pursuit of Varied Goals

Playing an Effective Role in Social Responsibilities

Participation in Green Industries

Financial Reports of Ghadir Investment Company

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